Spikes, Studs / Denim Duds

Last night, I posted a photo on instagram, sampling some of my wrist wear and asked everyone what I should wear today. Responding to popular demand, I wore my Hermès bracelet, Smith & Kane spike bracelet and Glam Rock watch with blue bezel. From that, I went for simplicity – all black with blue accents. The unpredictable weather forecast called for some good boots, and fur collar. Meanwhile, studded denim (which I proudly DIY’d myself) and distressed jeans tied in some punk attitude to go along with the action on my wrist.

Levi’s denim jacket (with DIY studded pockets), Rudsak fur collar, H&M T-shirt and jeans, ALDO Mr. B’s boots, Hermés bracelet, Smith & Kane bracelet, Glam Rock watch.

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