It’s sports day at KENTON magazine! For Day 4 of New York Fashion Week, our team decided to all put a little athletic-inspiration into our looks. I went pretty full on, opting for a mesh jersey and high top kicks. And let me tell you, wearing mesh during the heat wave we experienced was fantastic!

A big thanks to our fabulous photographer Suni Silvan for capturing the whole team (almost), as we congregated outside the Tents in between shows. It was so amazing to get everyone together for a few shots! You can check them out at the bottom of this post.

Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-02Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-03Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-04Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-05Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-06Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-07hermes-cdc-nella-bella-balenciagaAlexander-Liang-NYFW-style-08Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-09Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-10Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-11Alexander-Liang-NYFW-style-12Team KENTON 1Team KENTON 2Team KENTON 3

H&M jersey, ZAK jeans, Nike high tops, Nella Bella bag, Westward Leaning sunglasses, Hermès Collier de Chien cuff, Egard watch, Balenciaga bracelet

Photos by Suni Silvan

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