Zippers are great. While they often serve a functional purpose on garments, they also add a cool aesthetic left unzipped – a look that I’ve been attracted too lately. For this outfit, I paired two black-with-silver-zipper pieces on top and bottom. And left them unzipped. It’s a sporty, relaxed look, yet still luxe. Finished off with a fur collar and added a pop of surf in the eyewear department.

Alexander-Liang-04Alexander-Liang-03Brera Orologi SupersportivoKara RossAlexander-Liang-02

Hugo Boss jacket, Neiman Marcus fur collar, Joe Fresh T-shirt, Zara pants, Converse sneakers, ALDO sunglasses, Brera Orologi watch, Thesis of Alexandria wrap bracelet, Kara Ross cuff

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