Top 5: Beanies

Happy National Hat Day! There’s truly a day for everything these days, isn’t there? Lol. Anyway, National Hat Day comes at the perfect time, just as I share my first post of a new series I’m going to introduce this year, called (simply) “Top 5”. I’d like to try and deliver a Top 5 post to you every week, but we’ll see how this goes. In a nutshell, each Top 5 post will showcase my current favorite 5 of anything. It could be all toques/beanies, like this post, or it might even be a mix of different things. What would you guys like to see next?

The older I get, I feel like I’m getting less and less tolerant of the cold. I don’t often wear hats, but this winter, I’ve been into the toque (what we call them here in Canada) look. Beanies (for my American readers) are a cool and functional accessory that complete almost any winter look. There are so many different styles to choose from, but here are my top 5 picks:

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