The Gucci Shoe That’s Taking Over Instagram


If you’ve been following the fashion trends these past few seasons, y0u’re well aware that Gucci has made a full-force comeback with Alessandro Michele at the helm. The fashion house has risen back up to its former glory and its collection has made its way onto every fashion lover’s must-have wish list.

Personally, I’ve been obsessed with the Gucci Princetown leather slipper for almost a year now. I absolutely love the style with the kangaroo fur lining poking out the back and when I saw this pair with the King Snake embroidery on the front, I had to have them! 100% satisfied with my acquisition, I have to say they are as comfortable as they look, if not more. It’s basically like wearing an indoor slipper and getting away with it outside. Perfection!

For this look, I wanted to keep the attention on the shoes, so I went for what I called a “Lake Como vibe”. Blue and white striped shirt partially tucked into white ripped jeans. I love the look of no belt sometimes with a partial tuck too.

Check out more shots below, plus a cameo by my buddy, Dustin!


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Oh and Justine got a pair too! Check out our His & Hers up close below:

gucci slippers his and hers

Photos by Justine Iaboni


    • Alexander Liang
      October 15, 2016 / 8:29 PM

      Me too! So obsessed with these shoes. Love the loafers you got too!

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