Spanish Sunset

Oh how nice it was to get away from winter. Even though I’m currently back in Toronto’s freezing temperatures, it’s been nice to go through the photos from my trip and imagine that I’m still there. Alas, it has truly come to an end, as this is my final post from Gran Canaria. And coincidentally and/or symbolically, these photos were all taken on my last evening on the island, as the sun descended into the horizon.

It was a beautiful sunset and a perfect close to the trip. Earlier that day, my friends and I had ventured down to Maspalomas and walked around some of the shops. We happened to stumble upon a sale on sunglasses, where¬†both of my friends, Jen and Lynette decided to jump on the mirrored lens trend and outfitted themselves with the gold and blue-green color variations of my favorite reflective blue Ray-Ban aviators. I’m so proud! Of course, we had to take a “Trois Amigos” photo, which you’ll find below.

For my look that evening, I went for a surf meets sport look – print shirt layered with mesh sports jersey sweatshirt, striped shorts and neon runners. The temperature was perfect for pairing a sweatshirt with shorts. A rare weather opportunity that I couldn’t resist taking advantage of.

gran canaria alexander liang mens style 02gran canaria alexander liang mens style 03gran canaria alexander liang mens style 04gran canaria alexander liang mens style 05gran canaria alexander liang mens style 06nike free trainergran canaria alexander liang mens style 07 lynette jen alexsheraton salobregran canaria sunset

Zara sweatshirt, Hurley shirt, Lifetime Collective shorts, Nike trainers, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Photos by Jen Brawn & Alexander Liang

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