Power Plaid


Mixing modern with classic, plaid with print, this look combines a variety of pieces that you wouldn’t necessarily expect to see together. Preppy plaid is given a futuristic twist with a CAITLIN POWER neoprene T-shirt layered overtop. I love the sharp line created by the zipper in the back, not to mention the unconventional textile choice.

My affinity towards camo pushed me to wear these pants today and as it turned out, they worked with the look. Or at least I felt comfortable in them, ha! Blue and gold took over my wrist, and round sunglasses add a quirky overall finish.

Alexander-Liang-02Alexander-Liang-04Alexander-Liang-03Hermes, Thesis of Alexandria, Glam Rock watch

CAITLIN POWER neoprene T-shirt, Rugby Ralph Lauren plaid shirt, Bullhead camo pants, H&M sunglasses, Hermès bracelet, Thesis of Alexandria chain wrap bracelet, Glam Rock watch.

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