Old School Meets New School with the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

While smartphone screens are getting bigger and bigger, Samsung has changed the game, introducing their new Galaxy Z Flip. Offering a 6.7″ glass screen that folds in half. Yes, you read the right — THE GLASS FOLDS. It’s pretty incredible, combining the power of the latest smartphone technology with a sleek design that looks as good as it performs.

I was lucky to get my hands on one of the very first Galaxy Z Flip devices to land in Canada and since switching over, I’ve been nothing but amazed. Functionality-wise, this phone can do everything you’d expect from a modern smartphone, but it’s the added bonus of the folding design that really makes it stand out. When closed, the Galaxy Z Flip is ultra chic. I got the Mirror Black colour, which is super stealth on any surface I place it on. I can place it on the table at restaurants and cafes without having to worry about the whole screen lighting up, thanks to the small cover screen that displays the date, time, battery life and recent notifications to still keep me informed. If need be, I can tap the notification on the cover screen, which will seamlessly open the corresponding app when I open the phone to show it on the full screen.

Another great feature of the Galaxy Z Flip is Flex Mode. A game changer for photos, video calls and of course, selfies. In Flex Mode, the Galaxy Z Flip becomes its own tripod great for capturing your best angle from 70-110 degrees. And the camera is triggered by just raising the palm of your hand. Once the camera recognizes your palm, there’s a quick 2-second countdown and then the photo is taken. So cool!

Scroll down to see my favorite features of this amazing phone in action. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip is available now at samsung.com!

Flex Mode

A game changer for photos, video calls and of course, selfies.

Cover Screen

The Galaxy Z Flip looks chic and sleek when closed, while keeping you informed with the date, time, battery life and recent notifications

Full Screen Experience

There’s no compromising on screen size, with the 6.7″ full screen.

*This post was sponsored by Samsung. However, as always, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


  1. March 17, 2020 / 7:11 PM

    So beautiful

    • Alexander Liang
      April 16, 2020 / 6:11 PM

      It’s a chic phone!

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