Illustrated by Melissa Corsari

I’ve been eternalized in art!

Fashion illustration seems to have been making a comeback for sometime now, gaining interest and importance in the industry realm. My friend Marcus even has a website dedicated to fashion illustration called Draw A Dot. (PS stay tuned for the results of our KENTON magazine x Draw A Dot collaboration soon!)

So of course, I was honored to collaborate with Italian fashion illustrator, Melissa Corsari to present two of my looks in artistic form. I let Melissa pick which looks she was most inspired by and she chose one of my summer outfits in Vancouver and one from last season at Toronto Fashion Week. Both illustrations turned out beautifully thanks to Melissa’s talented eye for translating style onto the page.

What do you think? Do you have a favorite?

Alexander Liang by melissa corsari

And here are the original photos of looks next to their illustrations!

Alexander Liang by melissa corsari fashion illustration 1Alexander Liang by melissa corsari fashion illustration 2

Illustrations by Melissa Corsari

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