Home Inspired: Green Velvet

Home decor isn’t something I usually talk about here on the blog (I don’ think I ever have?), but it’s something I really enjoy. I love designing the spaces in Justine’s and my home, as well as, seeing what other people do with their spaces. Lately, I’ve found myself browsing through Pinterest and gravitating to darker, dramatic interiors. And along the way, I’ve also noticed a huge resurgence of velvet seating, specifically green velvet. I also like the blue velvet pieces I’ve seen around too. However, green velvet seems too be a continually growing trend in interior design right now. It’s sophisticated, a little bit retro and has a soft inviting appeal, while making a subtly bold statement. I think green velvet looks fantastic with green plants as well. The overall effect is lush and luxurious. I recently changed up my home office. It was dated and boring and the furniture was old and tatty so needed replacing. I bought some great new office furniture and was really happy with it – but it was missing something. Then I stumbled across a green velvet wingback chair and I knew that was exactly what I was missing. It gives me somewhere a bit more comfortable to sit when I take a break and it looks amazing.

Are you a fan of the green velvet design trend? And would you like to see more of my interior design inspirations on the blog? Let me know in the comments below!


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