Glowing Green


Today was a pretty long day, so planning ahead I chose an outfit that could take me from morning to night, staying comfortable and chic. Catching a flight to New York, I had to be airplane and TSA ready – slip on shoes are a must for a quick pass through security. The forecast for New York was rain too, so I figured a toque (beanie) would be a good call. And sure enough, when I arrived it was pouring like no tomorrow. The pop of neon provided a great contrasting brightness to the dark rainy weather!

The rest of the day was taken up by meetings and catching up with friends and colleagues. Tomorrow, I will be presenting at the Fashion 2.0 Awards, so stay tuned for my red carpet ready look! Can’t wait to share the experience with you guys.


Topshop toque/beanie, Monarchy leather jacket, H&M sweater and T-shirt, ZAK jeans, Sperry sneakers, Graz sunglasses

Here’s a look at Fifth Avenue, NYC after the rain via my instagram:


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