Give The Gift of Great Hair This Valentine’s Day

A few weeks back, my hair styling routine got a major upgrade by way of the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer. When Dyson first announced that they were launching a hair dryer, I knew it was going to be epic and a total must-have in my life. I blow dry my hair everyday to style it and the Dyson Supersonic has drastically cut down the time it takes me to achieve my finished hairstyle from wet. Its digital motor is powerful, while controlling air speed and heat to protect my hair and give it that perfect, healthy sheen.

Of course, Justine took notice to how much I’ve been enjoying my new hair dryer, which may or may not have been my own fault for raving about how great it is. And like many of my things, she decided to steal my Dyson Supersonic and start using it herself. I’d then take it back and miraculously it would end up back over at Justine’s vanity area. And repeat. This little occurrence could go on and on. However, instead of fighting over one hair dryer and because I love the Dyson Supersonic so much, I decided that it would be the perfect gift to get for Justine this Valentine’s Day. That way, she can have her very own! (and not steal mine, haha)

For the guys out there, you know how much girls complain about how long it takes to blow dry their hair. You also know how long you have to wait for your girlfriend/fiance/wife to dry her hair when you both need to be somewhere. Well, the Dyson Supersonic is 100% your answer. It’s an amazing gift that your partner will love, not only because it’s one of the hottest beauty products on the market right now, but also because you will actually be making her beauty routine better, more exciting and of course faster. Now that’s a win-win for both of you!

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