Fashion Week Fall 2014 – The Video

WOW. What a whirlwind it’s been. The fall 2014 fashion week season has finally come to an end, with Toronto Fashion Week coming to a close. If you’ve been following me these past couple months, you’ll know that I’ve been all over the map. Starting with New York Fashion Week, then jetting off to London Fashion Week, followed by a little pseudo vacation in Gran Canaria, Spain. Then it was back to Toronto for a quick break before Toronto Fashion Week.

It was so much fun making last season’s NYFW video so this time around, I decided to combine all three of the fashion weeks I attended into one big video! You’ll see some familiar faces and places and while I wish I could have recorded more, I do think I was able to capture most of the highlights to share with you. So sit back and follow along my adventures below!

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