Don’t Get Drenched, Wear A Trench


The only good thing about rainy weather is wearing trench coats and boots. In Vancouver, or shall I say “Rain-couver”, it is perpetually wet for most of the year. Going head to head with the dark days, I’v opted for an off white trench coat to bring some light into my day. Take that grey skies!

After some time apart, I’ve been reunited with my favorite motorcycle boots. I recently had them re-soled and now it’s like walking in a brand new pair of boots, with the perfect, personalized distressing. If you have a favorite pair of boots or shoes that are getting a little too worn in, I definitely recommend taking them to a cobbler! They’ll come back like new, but still just as comfortable.

Alexander-Liang-03 Frye Boots WristgameAlexander-Liang-02

Express trench coat, Rudsak fur collar, UNIQLO cardigan, H&M T-shirt and jeans, Frye boots, Hermès bracelet, Gage Huntley beaded bracelets, Glam Rock watch.

Photos by Eric Liang

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