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Inspiration is everywhere. I find that everywhere I look, my eyes are constantly capturing moments, moods, style… Then factor in everything that’s served to us online! There’s so much out there. Even if you photograph, video, or save it all, it’s hard to keep it organized and ready for recall at a later time. Like when you want to share your inspiration with someone else or translate it into something new.

Enter Wantfolio. I’ve recently started using the cool new wesbite and app that helps catalogue everything that inspires you. From blogs to news sites, photos, videos and even your own uploaded images. You can browse through interest categories, as well as create your own custom home feed by following other users you choose. You can also follow specific “want.boards” of other users too, which allows you to keep your home feed nice and clean. I’m currently loving Wantfolio for daily, fashion industry news from sites like Business of Fashion, as well as organizing images and style that inspires me, from other bloggers and home decor sites.

Wantfolio also has a great blog of their own and I recently had the chance to sit down with their Editor, Lesley Metcalfe to chat about style, my career journey so far, how I met Justine and more! Check out my “We Want To Know” feature on Wantfolio and sign up to start cataloguing and sharing everything you ‘want’ at!

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