Aviator Behavior


Sporting one of my favorite jackets in my closet, I went along the aviation/military path and took a preppy turn. I wasn’t sure if the plaid shirt would work with the washed out mauve jeans, but with a black sweater and jacket layered overtop, it all came together quite nicely. Aside from color palette and layering, the ‘thing’ about this look is in the details – I really like the leather finishing on the jacket and beaded arms of the sunglasses. If you’re looking to make a subtle statement with your own outfits, I recommend looking for pieces with unique elements of the unexpected.


Cockpit USA jacket, Isaac Mizrahi cashmere sweater, Ralph Lauren shirt, ZAK jeans, Converse sneakers, Ralph Lauren sunglasses, Hermès Clic H bracelet, Bianci watch

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