All Black Everything


For someone who used to never wear black, this look is quite a style revolution. ‘Everyone in fashion wears black’, so I used to avoid wearing too much black for fear of looking the same as everyone else. However, I’ve come around piece by piece. Rediscovering the darkest shade has been one of many facets to my personal style evolution that has apparently been taking place these past few months. Perhaps it’s due to changes in my life – moving to a new city, for example.

Every so often, it’s good to mix things up and evolving one’s personal style is what makes fashion fun!


And one last photo… with my dog, Hannah!


Joe Fresh down jacket, Gap T-shirt, H&M jeans, Nike high tops, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Kara Ross cuff, Hermès Clic H bracelet, Bianci watch

Photos by Eric Liang

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