A New Way to Track Your Finances with the TD MySpend App

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As an entrepreneur and blogger, my lifestyle is non-stop on the go. Between day-to-day activities and travel, there are a number of different expenses, both business, and pleasure that occur daily. This is why having mobile access to my bank account similar to mobile banking features offered by a company like SoFi comes in handy. Talking to my friends, it seems like life is pretty fast-paced these days for everyone and there are so many things that tempt us to spend. It’s so easy to walk into a fast fashion store and walk out with a must-have trend or call rideshare because it’s just so darn convenient. And of course, what is life without a smartphone and data plan? I’m not saying to cut down on your lifestyle, but it is important to know what you’re spending, so you can better manage where and how you’re spending. While budgeting is key, it can sometimes be difficult to keep track of expenses in real-time. Saying this though, managing finances may be easier for some than it might be for others. From writing down a budget list and opening a savings account, to even checking out sites like personal money network, there are various ways that people can get their financial life back on track and reduce the stresses of having money problems.


I go to TD Canada Trust for all of my banking needs and I’ve used their mobile banking app for years. So when I heard about their new TD MySpend App, I was very curious to download it and try it out. Connecting securely to my TD banking information as a partner app to the TD mobile banking app, the TD MySpend App offers a real-time look at my monthly spending on some of my TD accounts.

Upon opening the app, it immediately gives a comparison of your current month’s spending versus your past monthly average with a “Spending Meter”. This feature indicates whether your spending is less than typical, typical, or higher than typical with a visual color-coded graph.

In the next section of the app, your spending is automatically organized into “wants” and “needs” categories making it super easy to get a quick sense of what you’re spending on throughout the month. Shopping, dining out, groceries and more are all sorted into categories and tallied up. So you can tell right away if there’s an area that requires a tighter budget or allows for some flexibility.

td-myspend-app-alexander-liang td-myspend-app-alexander-liang td-myspend-app-alexander-liang

Of course, when life gets busy, you might forget to check the TD MySpend App regularly. And you don’t necessarily have to either. With notifications turned on, the TD MySpend App will alert you about your current monthly spend. I find this to be a great feature when I’m on the go or traveling and don’t have time to log into the app for a full in-depth look.

There are so many expenses that come up during travel in particular, like hotels, rental cars, shopping, dining out etc. Within the app, there are more features and visual graphs that quickly offer a cohesive overview of your current spending.

Whether you’re traveling or not, the TD MySpend App makes tracking your expenses so easy. It’s a great tool to better understand your finances and of course, if you’re trying to save. The app is available on iOS and Android now, so download it today!

td-myspend-app-alexander-liang td-myspend-app-alexander-liang

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    • Alexander Liang
      May 7, 2016 / 1:01 AM

      Thanks so much! Yes, you should definitely check out the app. It’s really easy to use and great for keeping track of your spending!

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