A Look Inside My New Walk-In Closet!

For quite some time, Justine and I have wanted to customize the closets in our condo to transform them into our dream closets. With so many other home improvement projects on our to-do list as well, the closets haven’t been our top priority. However, we finally bit the bullet, packed up our clothes, shoes and accessories and hired Kwik Kloset Interiors to transform our closet spaces and maximize their storage potential. Not to mention make them a hundred times more beautiful!

Our closet renovations began with a one-on-one consultation with Tom, the owner of Kwik Kloset, who came to our home and assessed our space. Together, we began the design process. I shared my ideal storage needs and he provided configuration suggestions, as well as showed samples of the various shelving finishes available. The best part was that he was able to show us digital mock-ups of what our closets would look like on the spot. I’m a pretty visual person, so to see it all come to life in 3-D on the computer screen made it so much easier to make revisions and finalize the design.

My favorite part of my new closet is the accessories section. Kwik Kloset created custom shallow drawers to accommodate my watches, bracelets and sunglasses. I’m also super excited about my shoe wall! Having all of my shoes displayed and easily accessible makes it so much more fun to choose my outfits everyday. Plus, it looks great too!

To maximize space, we did two levels of hanger rods, which created more hanging space than I had before and takes up less wall space. Crazy! One feature that is unique to Kwik Kloset is the curved corner hanger rods. It makes such a difference, efficiently utilizing the space in the corner and also creating an aesthetically pleasing curve once the clothes are hanging.

I still have a few details to finish in terms of category and color organization, as well as figuring out how to better organize my accessories in their drawers. However, everything is in and it looks exponentially better than before! Take a look below and let me know what you think!

Here are some shots of the space before, once my clothes were removed. As you can see, there was only one shelf and one level of hanging rods going around. Needless to say, it did not look very tidy with all of my things in the closet, so no photos of that, ha!

For more information and to book your own closet consultation (in Ontario & Alberta), visit kwikkloset.com!

P.S. if you noticed the absence of my winter coats and boots, they are in a separate closet in the front entrance of our condo, which was also reorganized by Kwik Kloset. ;)


    • Alexander Liang
      December 21, 2016 / 2:38 PM

      Haha thanks bud!

    • Alexander Liang
      December 21, 2016 / 2:38 PM

      Thanks so much Adrián!

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