70’s Nostalgia on the Modern Day Streets


It’s no secret that 70’s style is back in full force this season. Not quite in its original form of course, but the 70’s aesthetic is certainly coming back around this fall/winter. This look is all about embracing the trend and centered around my new shearling jacket. I’ve had my eye on a Coach shearling for a couple seasons now and I finally splurged and bought one this year. This particular style is more of reference to the lamb shearling jackets that rose in popularity in New York in the 80’s. However, it undoubtedly still possesses a retro vibe. Paired with my Gucci belt (also making its debut on my blog in this post) and brown and gold aviators, I totally felt like I was  channeling a fashion era before my time.

Are you a fan of the 70’s retro revival happening in fashion right now?

What I’m wearingCOACH Coach Shearling Stinger Jacket // ASOS Jeans // Topman Shirt // Lanvin Pebble-Grain Leather Chelsea Boots // Ray-Ban Sunglasses // Gucci Belt


alexander-liang-mens-style-coach-shearling-jacket-02 alexander-liang-mens-style-coach-shearling-jacket-03 alexander-liang-mens-style-coach-shearling-jacket-04 alexander-liang-mens-style-coach-shearling-jacket-05

Photos by Vyvian To

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