Photo Diary: Return to Kauai

Photo Diary: Return to Kauai

[Above look: OneMeth T-shirt, Hurley hat]


Well, I’ve neglected my blog of the past 5 days, but I’m back and with one of my biggest posts ever! After combing through hundreds of photos, I’ve finally narrowed this post down to 28 photos from my week on Kauai. Such a beautiful, luscious place! As a kid growing up, my family used to visit Kauai often, but in the past 7 years, we’ve been cheating on the oldest of the Hawaiian Islands with the youngest, the Big Island. However, this trip, it was time to return to the luscious beauty of Kauai. We almost had to cancel too, because of hurricanes Iselle and Julio. So glad we didn’t though, because upon arrival the weather was just perfect. It’s Justine‘s first time to Hawaii this trip and I’ve been so excited to share the spirit of Aloha with her.

In Hawaii, life is always seen through rose-colored glasses – especially sunrises:

lawaii beach kauai sunrise

On our first morning, we went for brunch at the Grand Hyatt Kauai, a longtime favorite tradition of mine:

grand hyatt kauai brunch alexander liang kauai hawaii 02 grand hyatt kauai koi fish alexander liang kauai hawaii 03 cardinal eyewear alexander liang kauai hawaii 04

[Above look: Robert Graham polo from Modus man, J.Crew shorts, TOMS shoes, Cardinal Eyewear sunglasses, David Yurman bracelet, Caravelle watch]

Scouting the waves at “Turtle Cove”. This is a small, but great beach spot for body surfing and boogie boarding:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 05 DSC_0730

Later that same day, more wave evaluation at the Sheraton Kauai’s beach:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 06

[Boardshorts by Billabong]

bird of paradise

Shipwreck Beach is home to some serious surf. The waves are very large and definitely for confident swimmers only, as the shore current is also very strong. I love swimming in the waves, but during this recent visit to Shipwreck, the waves definitely swept me off my feet – and not in the good way. On the plus side, my sinuses were clear as ever and I had a strenuous workout. Shiprwreck Beach also features cliff diving for the dare devils among us:

shipwreck beach kauai

Atop the cliff at Shipwreck Beach, feeling free, but also weak at the knees:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 08 alexander liang kauai hawaii 09 DSC_0876

At Salt Pond Beach Park, there are more protected swimming areas and cool rock formations that break the waves:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 10 alexander liang kauai hawaii 11

Taking in the views over one of many beautiful valleys on Kauai:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 12 DSC_1114 alexander liang kauai hawaii 13

[Above look: BOGA T-shirt, Mr Swim swim trunks, Hurley hat, Ray-Ban sunglasses]

Sipping coconut water direct from the source at a farmer’s market at Kukui’ula:

alexander liang kauai hawaii 14

[Adidas T-shirt, Qilo NYC hat, TOMS sunglasses]

alexander liang kauai hawaii 15

Poipu Beach on our last day on Kauai:

poipu beach

A sea turtle came ashore that day! Such majestic creatures. A rare and incredible sight.

sea turtle

With Justine and my brother, Eric on our last Kauai beach day. We are now on Oahu in Kailua. Moving down to Waikiki Honolulu tomorrow! More photos to come and in the meantime, keep up with my travels on instagram: alexanderkenton!

DSC_1346 poipu beach kauai sunset

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