This one’s for all my Instagram-loving friends out there! The latest addition to the BLANK & BLUE T-shirt collection. The T-shirt says it all. A bit of cheeky play at how so many of us often do, photograph, video things just for the Insta moment. We’ve all been there. And yeah, maybe it’s a little bit ridiculous, but it can also be a lot of fun if it means you’ll try something new and out of the ordinary. Like a new coffee shop in town or a unique food you’ve never eaten. Embracing a new fashion trend or visiting a far away destination that you might never thought you’d make it to.

Of course, you’ll need to document your experience on Instagram, because if it’s not on the gram, did it really happen?

What I’m wearing: BLANK & BLUE Do It For The Gram T-shirt // BLANK & BLUE sunglasses // Monoxide x BLANK & BLUE necklace // Abercrombie shirt jacket // Mavi jeans // Puma sneakers // Isabel Marant belt // BLANK & BLUE bracelets

BLANK & BLUE Do It For The Gram T-shirt

It’s cherry blossom season! The trees have bloomed in High Park in Toronto and if you want to see them, you better go now. Cherry blossoms are always an elusive and fleeting moment of natural beauty during springtime and I feel quite lucky to have been able to see all of the trees in bloom this year. The last time I attempted to see the cherry blossoms in High Park was probably four years ago and sadly, by the time I got around to visiting the park, the blossoms were all gone, except for one lone tree. So when my friend Marcus noticed that the cherry blossoms were out Sunday night, we made a plan to check them out Monday afternoon!

It was a family affair for Justine, Sofia and me, joined by Marcus and Maiku. By the way, be sure to check out this awesome vlog that Maiku made from our adventure to see the Sakura trees! The park was so busy yesterday. Even on a Monday- couldn’t believe it. So if you do decide to go, make sure you go early and if you can, avoid the weekend, because we all know it will be packed then!

My outfit for the adventure was retro-inspired and pastel-colored to coordinate with the cherry blossoms. Just the right amount of light layering for a sunny spring day too.

What I’m wearing: Kuwallatee jacket // BLANK & BLUE hoodie // Abercrombie jeans (similar at ASOS) // Vans sneakers // BLANK & BLUE sunglasses // BLANK & BLUE necklace

Justine and I have been down in Miami for the past couple weeks, escaping the cold and getting some much needed sun. It’s been so nice to be at the beach, breathing in the ocean air. I’ve been waiting to wear this T-shirt from my brand, Blank & Blue, on the beach ever since I designed it last fall. I know a few of you have already taken your ‘BEACHED’ tees to the beach too (and big thanks to those that posted and tagged @blankandblueco on instagram!). Anyway, I wanted to share a few shots from one of our beach days early on in the trip, featuring the T-shirt, which is also unisex by the way! Scroll down to see Justine rocking mine for an oversized boyfriend fit/look.

Hope to see you all rocking Blank & Blue T-shirts soon too! If you haven’t checked out the site yet, head on over to and let me know which piece(s) of the collection is your favorite! :)

What I’m wearing: Blank & Blue ‘BEACHED’ T-shirt // Blank & Blue KONA cuff // Blank & Blue sunglasses // Blank & Blue x Monoxide Jewelry limited edition necklace // H&M swim shorts (similar at ASOS)

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